Second hand books

Book Haul second hand booksToday I’am doing a book haul, but not a normal one. I am going to show you which books I bought in thrift stores. Now you might think second hand books? Yes, you won’t believe how many books you will find in there. All those lovely books for just a few euros…

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Afterlife Saga fan art

For a competition I made some fan art for the Afterlife saga and I’am wondering what you guys think of it? Fans of the saga may already know that The Pentagram Child part two will be out on 15th July.

In picture one you see Keira and Dominic in the pentagrams. The inspiration comes from the last book, The Pentagram Child part one.
In picture two you see the eyes of Keira and the shadow of Dominic, inspired by book one. What do you guys say, one or two?





Eleanor’s wardrobe concept

So I looked around on the internet and I found different ideas about how Eleanor’s wardrobe looks like. Today I’am going to show you guys how I see Eleanor’s wardrobe, take a look.



This is how I pictured the clothing of Eleanor. When I saw Eleanor in my head while I was reading E&P, I always pictured her with a lot accessories: tie,s, jewelry, ribbons etc.

What do you guys think about it? Do you think Eleanor would wear this or not?