Internship at a publishing house

Hi everybody,

So it’s been a while since I posted something and of course there is a reason for that. For my school I needed to do an internship and I decided to do mine at a publishing house: Storm Publishers. I know it is an unfamiliar company for the international reader. First let me explain to you what the mission is of Storm Publishers:

Storm Publishers is a publishing house that has their focus on the Dutch writers. It is hard for a writer in the Netherlands to get their book published. Almost all the books are translated work from the US and UK. Storm gives writers in the Netherlands a chance to get their book published.

What was my job description?

I got to read a lot of manuscripts! Next to reading those manuscripts I got to revise and edit them. Besides that everything evolves around books, books and what a surprise books. So my job description evolves around making a book and the marketing of that book. Who doesn’t want that? When you do your internship at a publishing house you get a look up close of how it works at a publishing house. What does a publisher do, how they criticize manuscripts, what are the best marketing options etc. Next to reading manuscripts, I organized events and got to design promotion materials. And believe me it isn’t work if you really have a passion for books.

If you want to work at a publishing house or you want to work with books I would certainly recommend an internship at a publishing house. You get to learn a lot and you already start building your network.

If you have questions or you want to know more, please feel free to ask me! It was a lovely time and I learned a lot. Now it is time for the next phase in my life; minor International Trade Publishing Books & More.

I will try my best to write more reviews and nice stuff on my blog from now on :).

P.S. I’am the one on the right




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