Flashback: A night with Lauren Kate

Lauren Kate is one of my favorite writers and in the past I was one of the lucky persons who got to meet her and talk to her. I remember that day like yesterday… She came to the Netherlands to promote her books and to tell more about herself. She talked about her inspirations en gave writing tips…


When Lauren Kate came in to the room she sat down and started to read a bit in her book Teardrop. This was in November 2013, so her book was new then. Just like Waterfall is new now, at least the dutch translation.


When she was done with reading, she started to talk about her inspirations and people could ask questions. As you maybe already know, Lauren is writing a book about Cam. The name of this book is Unforgiving and is part of the Fallen serie. But what you may not know is that Cam is based on her husband. Her husband gives her a lot of inspiration, and it’s so sweet how she talks about him. You can tell that she loves him very much, in fact a scene in Teardrop is based on an event in their life.
The scene that Ander catches Eureka’s teardrop and places on his eyes. Her husband did that when Lauren was crying.

She also told us that Teardrop is based on a story from her childhood. She lived in a small place next to a lake and the people there believed that on the bottom of the lake was city. Just like the legend Atlantis.

One of the important tips she gave was: always finish your story’s! In the past Lauren had difficulties with finishing some of her stories, she told us that she thought some of her stories were worthless. Well I need  to say that i’am very glad she wrote Fallen and Teardrop! I even emailed to ask if she could write a book about Luce and Daniel in their human lives. She wrote back and told me that the story about Luce and Daniel was finished for her. But I have nothing to complain now haha. DSCN2967

Lauren Kate is my inspiration, when I think my idea or story is worthless I hear her words in my head: stick to your stories and never give up!

Also for the people who love to write. If you plan to write a book you could make a file of the different characters in you book; think about their personality, hobby’s, how they could react to certain thing etc. You can write anything in those file, as long as it helps you write your story.

What you also can do is write down the chapters and tell what is going to happen.

Chapter one: Luce is going to sward and cross
Chapter two: She meets Daniel

I hope these tips will help you with writing your story :)!

All I can say is: Lauren Kate is one of the sweetest persons I have ever met. I finally have the dutch translation of Waterfall in my bookcase and very soon there will be a review on Ever After Books.


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