Liebster Award

Today Kwante in Wonderland nominated me for the Liebster Award. For the people who think what is the Liebster Award:

Liebster Award is a virtual award for beginning blogs. The person who was nominated has to answer some question so that you readers get to know the person behind the blog.

So thank you Kwante in Wonderland for nominating me!

1. Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging for fun and to give my opinion about books. Sometimes I read amazing books and then I think people need to read this to. I want to expand the book love to other people through my blog. Recently I found an amazing book on someones’s blog, and when I started to read that book I couldn’t stop. This person shared her opinion and because of her I found an amazing book! That’s what I want for my readers to.

2. How many books do you have?

There you ask me something, I really need to count how many books I have because I seriously don’t know! *One moment*
That would be 371 books in my book shelfs. I have almost all the books from Stephen King and the rest is YA and NA. Also I have a lot of books on my e-reader. I remember I didn’t want one because I thought I liked paperbacks better, but now I can’t live without one!

3. What is your age?

On the second of February I became 21 years old. Yes originally to old for YA but I think you can never be to old for a good story!

4. What is your ultimate vacation feeling?

The sun, a beautiful country with a lot of mountains and culture. I really like to see the culture of a country, I’am not the kind of person that chills on the beach all day. And when I get back from sightseeing I put on my bikini and start to read a book.

5. What is your dream destination?

My dream destination is actually in a book. A book called Afterlife from Stephanie Hudson. My inner fangirls comes out. The place I would call my dream destination is: Evergreen Falls, New Hampshire in New England. In this place stands the gothic club Afterlife, the owner of this club is Dominic Draven. A man I like to have some breakfast with.

6. What is your most happy moment in life?

I don’t have specific one happy moment in life. I have a lot of happy moments in life actually. It’s the small things I appreciate the most. A new book, going to the movies with friends, walking with my dog. I’am a very happy girl.

7. Are you saving money for something specific?

Yes this summer i’am going to Italy with some friends, and the rest of the money goes to books.

8.  What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is pizza. I know very simple and food that everyone likes, but I LOVE pizza haha.

9. On which social media you’re active?

I’am active on Facebook and bloglovin under my own name and Ever After Books, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and Goodreads. So I have a lot of social media accounts. You guys can follow me under the name Eline van den Berg if you like :)!

10. If you won 1 million dollar/euro, what would you do with it?

First I would go to England and buy a lot and then I mean A LOT of books and do the Harry Potter tour. And the rest of the money would go to the bank. I wouldn’t stop working though, before you know it the money is gone.

I nominate a blog from the Netherlands called: The Spine Breakers.
And a blog in English called: Trusty Page Turners.

You guys get the following questions:

1. Why did you start reading Young Adult/ New Adult?
2. Do you have a favorite book/ book series?
3. If you could choose one book that you could live in, which book would it be?
4. What is you favorite movie?
5. What is your dream job?
6. If you could wish one thing, it could be anything, what would you wish for?
7. Do you have a pet or would you like one?
8. How many books are on your TBR list?
9. Which book are you reading momentarily?
10. What do you enjoy most in life?

I can’t wait to read the answers!


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