Seducing Destiny (The Fae Chronicles, #4), another teaser!

He was almost as tall as Vlad, with dark black hair that matched Ryder’s eyes in his Horde King form. He turned his head and looked right at me, and then narrowed his eyes, which were a dark blue that in the shadows almost looked black. He wore a crisp white dress shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a black tie that looked out of place in this bar. Lucian’s arms were covered in tattoos, which looked like markings that I couldn’t place or recognize. He was beautiful, and yet I felt his power as it leaked from his pores. He reminded me of the first time I had laid eyes on Ryder. I knew I should run away, and yet all I could do was openly stare uncaring that he returned the favor.

“Horde King,” he said as he finally tore his eyes from me and looked right at Ryder. His eyes came back to me and I felt the hair at the back of my neck stand up.

“Demon King,” Ryder acknowledged.

“Who the fuck is he?” I asked on our shared mental path.

“Lucifer’s right hand man,” Ryder grumbled. “If Lucifer didn’t run hell, Lucian would. He owns and runs the sex clubs on the West Coast. He isn’t afraid of anything. Don’t piss him off, because he has no morals and no fear, Synthia. He is death in raw form. No one knows what he actually is, or who his parents are. My father didn’t even deal with him or his people because of the rumors that surround him.”

“You’re carrying twins, my twins, and I like this bump. I like the sight of you carrying my children in this beautiful body,” he whispered huskily as he placed both of his palms on my swollen midsection, just in time for the babes to kick him. “They can feel me,” he replied with sincerity. “I already feel them linking us together. We’re a family, and nothing and nobody will change that.”

©2015 Amelia Hutchins Seducing Destiny

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