Seducing Destiny (The Fae Chronicles, #4) teasers!

For the people who didn’t know it yet… Amelia Hutchins is planning to release Seducing Destiny this month! Of course it’s not certain that it will be actually released this month, but now we know that it will be coming soon. So how amazing is that! If you can’t wait, read the teasers…

Teaser one

“I need love, Ryder. It may sound stupid to you, but I need to feel it. I’m having your children and I don’t even know where I stand in your world. The only thing I know is that I stand where I was created to stand which is by your side and for me, that’s not good enough. I need you to want me there because you actually want it, not because it was meant to be.”

“You stand with me,” he said as he pulled me against him and kissed the top of my head. “I wasn’t raised to love anything. Not even my people. I can’t promise you love, but I can promise that I will stand beside you forever, and I can promise you that it is by my choice and no others one else’s.” I closed my eyes and pulled away. “It’s not enough.”

Teaser two

“Synthia, you’re immortal now and time is something you have in abundance. Ristan also suggested we get you some books on mothering, and birthing as well. He also said to give you this,” Darynda whispered wickedly as she glamoured a doll.

“A doll?” I asked confusion stamped on my face. She handed me the small newborn doll which immediately started shrieking with an ear piercing cry the moment I held it. “How the hell do you shut it off?” I shouted over the wailing thing that I held up by its leg.

“Try cuddling with it, Flower,” Ristan said from the door before I turned a horrified look up at him.

“You ass,” I growled as I tried to comfort the doll and failed. I had zero knowledge of how to calm a screaming baby; it wasn’t as if we had child raising classes at the Guild.

“Here, like this,” he said as he sifted to the bed and took hold of the doll. “Gentleness is universal. Even Fae babes love a cuddle to feel secure, smart little things also like breasts.”

I lifted a brow as he swaddled the doll in a blanket he glamoured, and rocked the life like doll in his arms. It instantly stopped crying and made gentle mewling sounds. I groaned. “I’m going to be the worst mother, possibly ever known to Fae and mankind alike.”

“No, you just need to practice making Bob here, happy,” Ristan said as he eyed my growing belly. He out of everyone here spent the most time watching my stomach as if he expected the twins to show him the future, or theirs maybe. “Every mother fears that she will be a bad one, it’s what makes them a parent.”

“And you think by handing me a doll who hates me, it will help? I’ve never had a mother, not one that I remember anyway except for my foster mother, but those memories were mostly faded now. I’ve never even held an infant.”

seducing destiny

Teaser three

“I should have prepared myself for it. You were bound to ask it sooner or later. You know what they say about curiosity though, right?”

“That it killed the cat?”

“No, it ate the pussy,” he said slyly and winked.

“That’s so not what they say, Demon,” I laughed.

Teaser four

“Be my brave little fighter, just a little longer for me, please.”

©2014 Amelia Hutchins Seducing Destiny. 


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