Cover reveal The Pentagram Child ( Afterlife, #5) – Stephanie Hudson

The moment I’ve been waiting for… the cover reveal and blurb from The Pentagram Child from Stephanie Hudson. And I need to say that I love it!!



After finding out the traumatic truth, Keira tries to move on from the doors of Afterlife and the love lost through a world of pain. 

But Afterlife’s King isn’t yet done with her and Keira once again finds herself stood opposite the man who broke her heart.
However the truth that she thought she knew would soon unravel and Keira finds herself following the ribbon of lies all the way to the very gates of Hell. And as Keira knows more than most, the pursuit of truth can be a dangerous game to play when your opponents are Supernatural killers.

Warning: This book contains a sexy, broody King who can’t control his jealous temper or his obsessive need for the woman he loves. So throw in a new Boyfriend for comfort, a Vampire King for protection, a crazy Imp for humour and Dravens for some family lovin’. What you get is the ingredients for all Keira will need in this quest for the truth about the man she still dreams of…
But can everyone be trusted?

My thoughts…

Now that I see the cover, December 20th 2014 will be coming closer and closer! Two days!!! And boy I can’t wait to read the book, especially after the end of book 4 and the teaser chapters. What I really hope that happens in The Pentagram Child:

That Keira and Draven get back together! They belong together, no matter what issues crosses their paths. They’re stronger when they’re not separated.

I really like the cover! It fits its title and the mysterious supernatural world from Dominic Draven! Yet again an eye on the cover, something we could have expected.

So now all I can do is, count the nights till December 20th!


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