Who am I…

Hello, my name is Eline van den Berg, I’m 20 years old, and one day I want to work in an publishers office. Books are my passion and my life!

Sinds I was a little child I liked to read. In the beginning especially horror but at a age of 16 Young and New Adult. It all started with Twilight, yes I’m a Twiharder! And after Twlight many books followed. I love the fantasy worlds writers create, I wished I lived in one.

Next to reading, I really like to write. I wrote a book, one I’m rewriting. My biggest dream is that my book one day will be published. We will see if that happens, but no matter what, I will never stop writing.

On this blog I want to (of course) review books. These books will be Young Adults and New Adults. My purpose behind this is that I want to recommended good books to people and hope they will enjoy reading it.

I hope you guys are going to enjoy my blog!




2 thoughts on “Who am I…

  1. I’ve decided that I really like you. I always loved to read even when I was in elementary school. I stopped for a while and then I picked it up again and became obsessed with Twilight. I’m Team Jacob!!!! I was also thinking about writing a book and I loved your reviews. My new obsession is the Fae Chronicles, so thanks for the teasers. And I liked your reviews to the books I read most of them. So I will continue to follow your blog πŸ˜€


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